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Poetry runs through my veins.
Ink is my blood, life is my parchment, and my hands are the quill.
I prefer to listen rather than talk.
But when I write, poetry becomes my voice, my song, and I am able to express all that I feel and more.


The Allegory of the Cave, My Cave

We’re all prisoners.

Forced to see only what is familiar to us.
Stoned if we choose to look a different way.

Our elders and ancestors claim to have unconditional love.
Our blood swears they will support our every decision.

But when we are no longer within their reach,
When our minds have been expanded and we’ve found we’re happier walking towards a light they’ve always been afraid of touching…

They talk about consequences,
about dangers outside of their caves.
Their safe havens.

And still, they smile.

They stand with their shackles, arms wide open
Trying to welcome you back, bring you back to their cave.
Where everything is safe and happy…

for them.

Because they don’t know anything other than the shadows they are accustomed to.
They don’t speak against the voices that have always hushed them back to silence.

But I have broken free.

Perhaps my chains had a kink in them that allowed me to find myself.

Perhaps their talk about “happiness” and “never giving up” and “doing the best for yourself” meant something different to me than it ever meant to them.

Perhaps love is what freed me.

Or maybe I was just too hungry, too curious to see what was causing the shadows they all grew to fear.

But I’m free.

And it’s harder than it seems to try to lead a free life.
A life outside of their cave.

It’s lonely.

But oh so complete.

Am I wrong to want a life outside of what they call home?

Am I wrong to go after my own goals, aspirations, happiness…love?

I just want to understand why being free makes me feel so guilty.
I want them to see that they too can break free from those chains.

But how do I begin?
Where do I begin?
Should I even bother?

I’m free.

But the freedom light is blinding.


read Plato’s, “The Allegory of the Cave” here:

the calls I get at midnight.

Just had a man call our Youth Hotline.

He started talking to me about how he didn’t know what to do with his son — he’s completely lost control, is a chronic smoker, didn’t finish school, can’t find a job (mostly because he’s not interested in finding a job), and is threatening to leave the house because he feels his parents don’t care for his girlfriend. He’s not being logic and is not listening to anything his parents have to say.

I was glad to help and gave the poor man a few ideas and chatted with him for a while (because that always makes them feel better). As I proceeded to look up resources for him in our database, I asked how old his son was.

He’s 21.


I had to put the phone down for a second because what I really wanted to tell him was, “Sir. Do you realize you don’t have any legal responsibility for your children after they turn 18? Unless he has some sort of disorder you are not telling me about he is totally able to go out on his own. LET HIM LEAVE!!! Make him find a job! Make him pay his own bills! Force some responsibility upon him for Christ’s sake! I’m 21! I haven’t lived with my parents for almost 4 years now and I have a career of my own! Don’t keep babying him!!! Just STOP!”

Instead, I put the phone back to my ear and said, “It’s going to be a little difficult directing you to resources since he is an adult, but I will try my best…” and gave him 2 family counseling centers and 1 FREE learning center where his son could potentially take GED courses and graduate.

Maybe I don’t understand because I’m not a parent, but I know how hard I’ve worked and how hard my friends have worked to get to where we are now. All of us have taken different paths, but I’m pretty sure every single one of us is proud of at least one thing we have done right. And NONE of us have sat back and allowed our parents to do every single little thing for us. NONE.

Please help me understand, because I just can’t get this kind of mentality through my head.

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