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Out of Sight

May 2, 2008

Let’s go way back
back about four years
to that starry night under football field lights
…where I first saw you,
My Lady of Poetry
standing there so small and so naive
chipped, but not yet broken
and then, you ran away, straight out of sight

Now let’s go back
back about three years
to that sunny day under a wide roof,
taking a rest from the blows,
My Lady of Poetry
sitting there with our friends
talking about strippers and pole dancers
trying to figure me out
and then, I walked away, straight out of sight

So let’s go back,
to about the middle of eighth grade
when we spoke on the phone for the very first time
you have a lovely heart,
My Lady of Poetry,
you became a part of me, as I to you
we shared our dreams, our soul
afraid of losing it all
and then, I broke you, you left out of sight

While we’re at it, let’s go back
back to those times you used to call me
on the phone crying hysterically
…and I’d hang up
My Lady of Poetry,
you had no idea how much it hurt
I couldn’t love you the same way
you were perfect, you could make anyone fall in love
but not me, and I left completely out of sight

And let’s go back,
back to when I missed you too much
I picked up the phone and hesitated for a while
…I had to do it,
My Lady of Poetry
I had to hear your voice.
You were surprised, you couldn’t speak
I couldn’t think.
This time we stayed

We always go back
back to all the memories we’ve made together
the times we cried, the times we laughed,
the times when our souls met
My Lady of Poetry
you are a part of me
my guiding light, my inspiration
and you still are way better than I will ever be
we will never be out of sight again


no addiction is ever good

“Addictive,” she said.
Yet I was the one who
Couldn’t get enough of her.

[ always on my mind.]

Her voice.

Her smile..

Her touch…

And I love to feel the way that I do
And I can’t help that it makes me smile to hear her laugh
Or that just for a moment I lose my breath when I walk into a room she’s already in..

Addictive ?
I am addicted to her.


This wasn’t supposed to happen
I was happy. I am happy.
I have a girl who loves me
A girl who I love…I think?
Nonsense. I do. Although I wonder…
I wonder too many things
Like I wonder how it’d be…
How it’d be to kiss your lips
How it’d be to hold you and to say –
I’m not sure what I’d say
I’m not sure what I feel
I’m not sure where to stop
I’m not sure if it’s real.
All I know is that you’re here
That you’re here and she’s not
Just my thoughts
My feelings towards her,
My attraction towards you.
It’s just too complicated
It keeps going in circles
I keep spinning around
Nothing makes sense
But your smile…it clears everything
But her arms…make me complete
Your eyes. Her soul.
Your hands. Her mind.
Her touch. Your stare.
Your lips. Her love…
To kiss. To feel. To breath. To speak.
To hold. To care. To trust. To think.
About you. About her.

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