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Here I go again…

Well, it looks like I did it again.

I volunteered myself for more work.

Today after a little over two weeks,  I finally had an ARD to interpret for. Mom wasn’t there of course, like in many other cases. She didn’t pick up the phone yesterday either when I called to remind her about the meeting.

But who am I to judge.
She might have been at work, and that is probably why she didn’t come today – to make money in order to help support her family.

See, when you work at a low-income high school, you never know what to expect.
Some parents really push for their kids to get an education so that they don’t have to struggle in life the way they did.
Other parents don’t have time to spend to make sure that their kids are completing their homework because they work all day and all night in order to meet ends.
Very few parents don’t care at all.

In this particular situation, this student was very polite – very smiley and open to any suggestions.
Her teacher’s had nothing but great reports about her, the only problem she has is attendance.
Apparently, she is a very intelligent young girl, and she really tries hard to understand new concepts – but there is no way for her to grasp everything if she is absent 3 days a week.

At the meeting, the diagnostician and her contact teacher realized that she was provided with 30 inclusion minutes for her Math Models class but had no one going to her for aid.

I volunteered to go in.

I could not stand the idea that this student has maximum potential to succeed but does not have the extra push needed.

So, I added a new assignment to my schedule.


All students need is a little bit of attention and encouragement. If you show these kids that you care, they will begin to show some care for themselves, and thus have a clearer vision for their future.

I couldn’t leave her behind.


Special Needs Do’s and Don’ts



People with disabilities.

The handicapped / disabled.

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The mentally retarded.

A person who has autism.

Autistic kid.

Person with a learning disability.

Learning disabled.

A person who can’t speak.


A person who is blind / visually impaired.

The blind.

A person who is small or short stature.

A dwarf or a midget.

A person who has a congenital disability.

A person who has a birth defect.

Accessible parking, busses, bathrooms, etc.

Handicap parking, bus, bathrooms, etc.

A person who uses a wheelchair.

A person who is wheelchair bound.

Important Warning Message: Water Bombs!!

We just got a mass e-mail to the entire Lewisville ISD school district that read as follows:

Important Warning – Very Real


Kids are putting Drano, tin foil, and a little water in plastic drink bottles and capping it up – leaving it on lawns, in mail boxes, in gardens, on driveways etc. just waiting for you to pick it up intending to put it in the rubbish, but you’ll never make it!!!

If the bottle is picked up, and the bottle is shaken even just a little – in about 30 seconds or less it builds up enough gas which then explodes with enough force to remove some of your extremities. The liquid that comes out is boiling hot as well.

Don’t pick up any plastic bottles that may be lying in your yards or in the gutter, etc.

Pay attention to this. A plastic bottle with a cap. A little Drano. A little water.

A small piece of foil. Disturb it by moving it; and BOOM!!

No fingers left and other serious effects to your face, eyes, etc.

Please ensure that everyone that may not have email access are also informed of this.

For verification and more information, click on:

 Please be careful and forward to all your friends and families. This is highly important – don’t mess around!

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