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The end to the beginning of our lives


We’ve been packing for the last few days and even though I’ve been feeling emotional (blame hormones and that time of the month), it has finally hit me.

We are moving.

We’re leaving our very own place together: the little gem we found by mistake and the deal we could not afford to pass up.

It took us almost an entire year to wrap up the lives we had built prior to finding each other and we were finally ready to take the full plunge to not only move to an entirely new city for the both of us, but signing both our names on a lease. It was a pretty big deal. We had traveled numerous times back and forth, got into countless arguments due to stress, made up 50 times, interviewed 100 x that amount, and wasted too much money to even want to remember.

We found ourselves over and over. Learning things about each other, ourselves, and our entire surroundings. It was magical.

And it was our own little place in North Austin…where we slept on a blow up mattress the first three months until we could afford to move our real bed in. We ate sitting indian style on the floor while we laughed, cried, and got scared watching shows on an old tube TV.

Viviana took her interview call laying on a pillow in our dining room floor. We didn’t even have a table or chairs to eat breakfast (our favorite meal of the day).

We had visitors sleep on top of folded up blankets until we we were slowly able to buy furniture we both really loved. I swear it was my life’s mission to find the perfect leather couch on Craigslist each day. We traveled to neighboring cities where we picked up our 4 dining chairs, coffee table, and desk. We discovered some of our now favorite spots by driving to these places, and always stared in awe at the outdoor lifestyle we didn’t know was so big in central Texas.

I discovered my strength on that couch. The one we bought from an upcoming family in downtown Austin who had the coolest numbers handwritten on to their front porch to display their address.

We fell in love. A thousand times. All over our place as we danced silly and cracked jokes about the way we were living and sharing our big dreams.

Viviana became a fan of Mexican music and cumbias Colombians. I can’t ever get her to listen to anything else in the mornings!

And now we are here. Packing for the last few days. And the only thing that broke me down was this silly half-deflated balloon that I found under our dresser. I surprised Viviana with a trail of balloons leading to her birthday present last year.

Last year. Our very first year together. And as we finish packing, I reflect on the end to the beginning of our lives.




One word, and yet so much meaning to what you are.

Difficult to find. To catch. To Achieve.

I’m lucky I was even able to catch a tiny glimpse…more than once.

Bumping into you in uncanny places, where a face would get lost in a crowd.

But your face I could not lose.

For some reason you were memorable, elusive. And I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to find you again.

You ended up finding me. Seeking me. Asking for my number, when I was afraid to even look your way.

Who knew that one accidental switch of seats would end up in such great achievement. 


Inspiration: Lianne La Havas, Elusive


Our two worlds collided and their gravity combined could not let us go.

Such a pull is not humanly possible to escape.

And soon we’ll become once and for all, one.

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