A Tribe of Warrior Women

by cafesitapoeta

tribe of warrior women

Viviana and I have been going through a slew of emotions this past year. Sometimes it’s her more than I and sometimes it’s I more than her. We’ve been next to each other through every shedded tear and we’ve been blessed enough to have the love and support of our family and friends, some close and some new.

We’ve relied on doctors, our faith, our personal power and knowledge, I’ve relied on my inner peace, she’s relied on strength, we’ve relied on love…but nothing seems to take away the echo of what’s missing, not entirely at least.

A couple of days ago we discovered this community of women, #tribedemama, and immediately looked them up on Instagram. To many, such community would be a laughing stock — a mockery. These women are hippies. Well, not self-proclaimed, but pretty much. They gather at New Moon sightings, they believe on spiritual babies, water births, gender reveal ceremonies, lotus births, flowers on their head and their babies tiny feet. And for once, we believe in them. Their power. Their peace.

Viviana had already been working on achieving inner peace, enlightenment, and I was waiting for her at the edge of the tunnel. Without words we’ve agreed that we’re taking this journey together, as we have with everything else, in order to reach the place where our baby will come at peace.

This morning she’s off to a bright start, woke me up by saying I was her goddess then went on her merry way to take care of herself. She’s getting a new ‘do, sitting at peace while somebody else does her hair and her makeup (being at peace sometimes requires you to pamper yourself — something we often forget), and drinking cucumber water to begin her cleanse. I woke up to “Una Mañana” and her beautiful face. I swear her smile makes my eyes fill up. I got ready to yoga music and drove with it to my favorite coffee shop where I found the image above waiting for me at the counter.

I believe a tribe of warrior women are behind us. I believe a tribe of warrior women will continue to pull for our goal and they will continue to pull for other women stuck in the same position. I trust them. I trust her. I trust you baby, I feel you in my heart.


Una Mañana – Cafe Tacuba